• Cheryl Leonard

Easy Ways to Build your Network

Step out of your daily routine and do something different. By this I mean we are all creatures of habits. We get up at the same time every day, catch the same train to work, sit at the same desk with the same colleagues around us, every day we go to our favourite café for coffee, then back there again for lunch. You get my drift.

What if you were to change one of these things? What if you caught the train 10 minutes earlier? Would you see different people? What if you used the bathroom on a different floor at work? Could you run into someone new? Even just trying a new coffee shop every now and then could introduce you to a different group of people.

Tradie Aide is a home-based, remote, sole trader service and I can still come up with a solution, I take my laptop to a couple of local cafes once or twice a week. I set up my laptop and order lunch and give others a smile, it's free, gives the feeling you are approachable and makes their day. (Do not forget to take your business card)

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